Want to Become An American Heart Association Instructor?

The AHA requires Instructors to be aligned with an AHA Training Center for training, records maintenance, program oversight, support, and student card certification source.

Pre-requisite: Instructor candidate must hold a current CPR provider card and demonstrate the ability to teach the programs offered by the AHA.*

Process to become an AHA Instructor:

  1. Register for our next scheduled Instructor course. Once payment is received, we will confirm your registration via email and give you course details.
  2. Order AHA Instructor Materials if you do not already own/have access to through your employer.
  3. Submit copy of current CPR Provider card.  Copy must show front and back of card on one page.
  4. Complete AHA Instructor Essentials Online Course and submit certificate of completion.  (When registration payment is received, an online key will be emailed to you to take this course.)
  5. Read Instructor Manual and watch course DVD prior to Instructor course.
  6. Attend Instructor classroom course.

In order to teach AHA courses:

  1. Instructors must own or have access to all the required materials and equipment. Each course has its own Instructor Manual, DVD and a list of required equipment: manikins, AED trainers, student manuals, etc. Instructor candidates must own/have access to Instructor Manual and course DVD prior to the Instructor course.  Course equipment may be purchased any time prior to first scheduled course.  The list of materials and equipment and where to purchase are discussed at the instructor course.
  2. Each time a course is taught the Instructor submits their course roster information online via our website.  Instructors are invoiced for student certification cards.  When card fees are paid, Instructors receive certification cards via mail and then distribute them to students. 
  3. Instructor certification is good for a 2-year period. Instructors must teach a minimum of 4 classes in 2 years to be eligible to attend an Instructor renewal course.
  4. All instructors are required to have an on-site review within the first 6 months of teaching. These reviews are to ensure program compliance and to support our instructors in teaching quality courses. Site reviews are scheduled with the instructor and there is a site review fee. Failed site reviews require additional visit and fee.

Download Registration Form

*HeartStart CPR Plus is a private for-profit organization that offers the curriculums of the American Heart Association. HeartStart only accepts quality instructors willing to abide by the guidelines of the AHA and the standards of our Training Center. We reserve the right to deny instructor certification to anyone who does not meet our quality standards. Our goal is to support instructor candidates through training to offer quality workplace and community programs that save lives.