HeartStart Instructors

This page is for American Heart Association Instructors that are aligned with HeartStart CPR Plus.

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Download HeartStart Online Roster Submission Instructions

Points to remember:

  • Roster information must be FULLY COMPLETE and card fee PAID before we issue your cards.
  • Roster information should be submitted within 48 hrs of your course completion.
  • Instructors need to check student certification cards before issuing to ensure that all information is correct. Check for accuracy of card type, student name spelling, course dates, and Instructor name. If errors are due to incorrect submission on Instructor’s part, then Instructor will pay card replacement fee.
  • It is the INSTRUCTOR’S RESPONSIBILITY to mark any modules NOT taught on the student certification cards. Mark modules NOT taught. Use key on back of card.

Request Replacement Card

To obtain a replacement card for a student or Instructor, you must submit this form with payment to HeartStart. Instructors can print the form and give to students and have them request directly from HeartStart. We only issue replacement cards for courses that were taught through our Training Center.

Download Replacement Card Request Form

Register for Renewal Course Here

Instructors must attend an Instructor renewal course every 2 years prior to their Instructor expiration date. In order to be eligible for renewal, Instructor must have taught a minimum of 4 courses in the past 2 year period and have submitted rosters to document that teaching. If you have not met this requirement but wish to renew, please contact us to schedule to assist some of our courses.